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LED Conversion

LED Conversion

LED Conversion

Convert outdated florescent bulbs in your signs with LED lighting for a brighter, cleaner, and longer lasting sign. Put our team to work converting the florescent bulbs with LED lights, and receive 5 year part and labor warranty!

There are many benefits to converting backlit signs from florescent bulbs to LED lights which include:

  • Efficiency: LED's produce more light per watt of electricity than traditional light sources. This results in energy savings as high as 7x over traditional lighting.
  • Low Voltage: LEDs operate at low voltages, reducing electric shock and fire hazards.
  • Lifetime: Properly operated and designed LEDs will last up to 50,000 hours or longer.
  • Cold Weather: LEDs do not dim in cold weather and perform well in extreme cold conditions.
  • Shock Resistance: LEDs do not contain glass, therefore are inherently resistant to shock and breakage, unlike fluorescent and neon tubes.
  • Toxicity: LEDs are environmentally friendly and do not contain mercury like fluorescent and some neon tubes do.
  • Huge Savings: Dependability and performance you can count on at prices you can afford!

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